Why Adult Family & Elder Mediation?

Changing Needs & Roles

As people age, changes in their needs and roles often impose new stresses on family elders and their loved ones. Many families struggle to cope with their changing relationships and new realities. Faced with these challenges, financial, health and caregiver issues can be difficult to discuss and decide upon. As a family, making the best decisions, or any decisions at all, can seem nearly impossible.

Sibling & Family Dynamics

As families age, the dynamics often become more complicated and entrenched, especially for siblings. Old conflicts that simmered for years can suddenly flare up making collaboration and communication even more difficult. Geographic distance, differing economic means and concerns for immediate families can add to the challenges. Coming together for family decision-making can seem overwhelming.

Shared Family Decision-Making

The Adult Family & Elder Mediation Group provides an opportunity for the family elder and all concerned family members to participate in shared family decision-making towards a proactive plan for the future. Mediation can strengthen family bonds, provide peace of mind and enhance family communication and understanding. Agreeing on how to equitably share a family’s resources and burdens is rarely easy – we can help you do it.

We often facilitate family discussions about these and other topics:

·Ensuring Family Elders’ Voices Are Heard
·Residence & Living Arrangements
·Driving & Transportation
·Quality of Life
·Family Communication & Decision Making
·Sibling Conflict & Fairness Issues
·Family Member Roles & Responsibilities
·Power of Attorney & Avoiding Guardianships
·Medical & Care Decisions
·Relief for Overloaded Caregivers

·Geriatric Assessments
·Finances, Budgeting & Bill Paying
·Inheritance, Will, Trust & Estate Issues
·Distribution of Personal Property
·Sharing & Dividing Property & Assets
·Family Business Disputes
·Living Wills & Health Care Representatives
·End of Life Decision-Making
·Planning Proactively for the Future

Beginning mediation before a crisis occurs ensures that cooperative and constructive strategies and agreements are in place for dealing smoothly with life’s transitions.